What if I want more space,
more freedom
and a longer range?
A new generation
in electric carsharing
What if I want more space,
more freedom
and a longer range?
The only electric carsharing
as flexible as life, as free as you.

More than a large fleet of electric vehicles, a carsharing with endless possibilities for endless needs.


ZITY is Renault ZOE, a compact 5-seater with a spacious boot that adapts to you and grows with you.


A range with more kms so you can move around carefree and go even further. Discover the ZITY Zone here.


Drive with no keys and no deposit. Lengthen your rental time with the STAND BY rate.

Flexible driving

Sign up and drive. It’s that easy!

Sign up and drive. It’s that easy!

  1. 1Sign up in the App,
  2. 2reserve your ZITY, and...
  3. 3move around freely!

With no keys or deposit

Open and close your ZITY from your mobile. Start the car without keys and forget any deposit. Just... drive!

Zero complications

Hire it without complications, reporting any damage you see directly from the App. In addition, we provide 24-hour Customer Service for whatever you may need.

Download the App

Download the App

Flexible living

The coolest welcome rates

Take advantage of our launch special with a
FREE joining fee and ZITY welcoming prices!!

0,26 €/min
0,09 €/min
66 €/day

Make your time flexible

End of the journey or a stop along the way? Activate the STAND BY rate to keep your ZITY hire pressing Park / Continue while you make one stop or several inside or outside the ZITY Zone.

Don’t wait any longer. Download the App!