We are ZITY, a carsharing as flexible as you are.

What is ZITY?

We are a flexible carsharing service, designed to adapt to your needs. Reserve any of our 658 vehicles from your mobile, drive the time you want and make all the stops you need. Easy, right?

Hazte ZITYcen


Our cars are Renault ZOE, 100% electric vehicles and 0 emissions, with 5 seats and a large boot for you to take what you want and whoever you want.


300 kilometers of real autonomy. They will allow you to get further and better, inside or outside our 104km2 of ZITY Zone.


Without keys, without limit of kilometers or small letters and with STAND BY, a super reduced rate for you to make your stops on the road while keeping the rent of your car.

ZITY Rates

As flexible as you: sign up for free, pay less when you stop and save on long journeys.

Become a ZITYcen,
the city awaits you.

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Move with freedom!

Flexible living, flexible driving.


These are the 104km2 in Madrid where you can pick up and drop off one of our cars.

You put the limit: circulate with your ZITY wherever you want with total freedom, using the STAND BY mode to make stops outside our area.

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